BGT’s 6-week ‘Gundog Puppy’ Course


Breckland Gundog Training’s Gundog Puppy Training Course course aims to help all gundog breed owners with the main areas of obedience that our clients look for with their gundogs, and a few bits that will enhance your relationship and control with your dog.

There will be plenty of demos, and opportunities to ask questions in a non-formal fun environment.

Sessions are an hour long, there will be some homework/things for you to work on between sessions. Each session we aim not to dwell on the previous week but to push you on through the varying exercises as listed.

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Breckland Gundog Training’s complete 6-week puppy gundog course aims to help pet and gundog owners with their dog’s general obedience. It focuses on developing fundamental skills, obedience, and building a strong bond between handler and dog. 

This course is suitable for pet and gundog owners, looking to get their puppy off to a great start, whether your puppy is doing this for fun, or you intend to take your puppy shooting one day.

Here’s a week-by-week outline of the course:

This course will be suitable for  Puppies from a Gundog Breed up to 6 months old

Week 1:

  • Introduction and Bonding: Establish a strong bond with your gundog through play and praise.
  • Main Topic of the Week: Placeboard training and shaping basic obedience, in the home and the field

Week 2:

  • Main Topic of the week: Recall

Week 3:

  • Main topic of the week: Sits (Stays) and introducing steadiness

Week 4:

  • Main topic of the week: Heelwork, Work on loose-leash walking and proper heel position


Week 5:

  • Main Topic of the week ‘This Way’ Whistle

Week 6:

  • Main Topic of the week Recall & Stop Whistle

Throughout the training program, remember to:

  • Keep training sessions short and enjoyable to maintain your dog’s enthusiasm.
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as praise, and play, to motivate and reward your gundog.
  • Gradually increase the difficulty and complexity of exercises as your gundog becomes more proficient.
  • Be patient and consistent in your training approach, recognizing that all dogs learn at their own pace.